Industrial Copper Wire

Rigging Hardware

Flexible Single core wire

Wire Ropes & Accessories

  • Snatch Blocks
    Snatch Blocks

  • Wire Ropes End Fittings
    Wire Ropes End Fittings

  • Wire Ropes
    Wire Ropes

  • Rigging Hardware
    Rigging Hardware

  • Chain Slings
    Chain Slings

We Can Source and Supply

✓Oilfield Tubulars & Handling Equipment
✓Oilfield mud Chemicals
✓Pressure control Equipment
✓Lubricants & Greases
✓ Lifting Equipment and Accessories
✓ Welding and Cutting Equipment
✓Machine tools and hand tools
✓ Hydraulic Hoses and fittings
✓ Valves and Actuators
✓ Pipe Fittings and Flanges
✓ Hazardous Area Supplies
✓ Personal Protective Equipment.
✓ Safety Signage
✓Safety Equipment
✓ Printers & Accessories
✓ Office / Schools Stationary
✓ Gift Items & Printing Services